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Mowadcom was established based on the constant need for speed and accuracy, and by that we mean that as much as many companies are contributing in the technological frontier and helping communities to cope up with advanced life which we are living; our company plays a major part of that path for a healthier community, Putting all health institutions between your hands.

We took into our consideration the inconvenience an individual face trying to find the best option of hospitals, medical centers, clinics or doctors. Let alone the hassle of finding the right time for an appointment. We created the ultimate solution for these problems leading a notion of a HEALTHY NATION. Our platform is fast accurate and helpful.

Our Platform Provide the best solutions

A quick look at the heart of Mowadcom App

Plethora of Hospitals

Choose from among the best health professionals available in hospitals across the Kingdom from your mobile Application.

Multiple Specialisations

Select from multiple specialisations in hospitals based on your specific requirements and book specialist

Smart and Simple

Mowadcom transforms the once- painstaking process of making appointments to nothing but a few swipes/tapps on your phone.

Smooth Synchronization

Immediate updates on your mobile and web to doctor's availability and schedules ensures that there will be no confusion over appointment timings.

Immediate Notifications

Mowadcom keeps you constantly updated on your appointments, so that you can always be prepared for any changes or updates from the hospital.

Location Enabled

Mowadcom helps you find available hospitals in your proximity through location based services and remembers your doctor preferences for quick booking.

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No one likes making doctor's appointments. Constant cancellations, hours on the phone, ... some would say that staying sick is the better alternative.
But with the new Mowadcom platforms, make all your necessary appointments using just your Smartphone as easy as by just 4 simple touches.

Locate & Search

Search Hospitals or Locate it on the Map

Find Doctors

Select Doctor in the related Department

Check Availability

Select the availablility of the Doctor & the Timing

Confirm Appointment.

Confirm the Appointment using Mowadcom Platforms.

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Mowadcom Investment Co
Dammam Branch Road, Near MVPI Al Munasiyah
Riyadh Saudi Arabia
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