Custom Builder Publishing has been specializing for over twenty years in creating free, Fortune 500-looking, printed company magazines, eBrochures and websites for custom home builders, other general contractors, and construction companies throughout the country.

Our professional design team and photographers will customize each builder's magazine by showcasing their project photos and company profile, to use as an effective marketing, communications, and image-building tool for their company.

We produce these magazines free to the builder, as we collect enough advertising revenue to cover the entire cost. Please take a look at our work by browsing through some of the sample builder magazines on this page.

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Custom Builder Magazines

Tallman 224-788-3354 207-951-4034
C. Staskey 3022607491 (814) 609-5262
Alward (843) 207-9246 RT Abbott

Commercial Builder Magazines

(518) 205-2458 amuyon Chesapeake Contracting Group
Wright Contracting (240) 291-3750 JWR Construction Services
8332594572 (415) 291-2255 410-633-2829(269) 908-8756


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