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The Vooma system is a call center and ARM debt collection management solution which allows the operator to increase capacity and performance over traditional and/or manual systems.

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VOOMA Contact Center system is simply way ahead of the competition when it comes to call center management. This is partly because of its power and flexibility, but also because of its ease of use.

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VOOMA Contact Center

Vooma System Overview

The Vooma system is a call center and ARM debt collection management solution which allows the operator to increase capacity and performance over traditional and/or manual systems.


Simply put, this means that you need fewer resources to handle your call center volumes. Since salaries remain the largest cost for most businesses, reducing people costs is one of the most important aspects of profitability.

Vooma is the only system on the market with a feature called “Smart Active Management”. This functionality helps with the organisation and structuring of large volumes of accounts and data, enabling operators to create telephone call, print, SMS, and email campaigns. These campaigns are then managed via a simple-to-use interface, allowing the administrator to adjust strategies on the fly.

Optimum operation is ensured through the use of built-in query resolution, data cleaning, tracing and LSDA resolution workflows, all of which increase throughput. The Active Management engine analyses the status of each account, and based on the rules of the operator it automatically channels the account in the right direction for appropriate action - for example an SMS or a telephone call. Vooma can be operated in an inbound, outbound, mixed, or even a predictive dialling environment and includes a build-in dialer and telephony solution.

Because Vooma is completely integrated with the industry leading AJS accounting system, there is no need for problematic and time-consuming importing and exporting of information with third party systems. This integration with AJS accounting also provides a full legal process management engine which includes legal document templates, processes, and prescribed tariffs as specified from time to time.

Vooma is fully compliant with the Local and National Government rules.

How VOOMA works

The Vooma system is a call center and ARM debt collection management solution which allows the operator to increase capacity and performance over traditional and/or manual systems.

A Console application that is extremely easy to learn and use

Agents can be trained to use the system in less than one hour to maximize company training on client specific products. This reduces the cost associated with high staff turnover experienced in the ARM industry.

The Vooma Console is intended to make the recoveries environment more efficient that enable the business to execute client or business strategies, monitor performance and adjust processes which will result in improved recoveries. Successful businesses rely on agent performance and this is an area in which the Vooma software leads the field.

To ensure agents work efficiently, the Console provides a comprehensive view of each consumer account. This reduces the number of screens an agent typically utilizes to find the information they need on competitive systems. Consumer contact details, financial information, settlement amount, supplementary account information and payment arrangements are on the main screen.

The agent can also access all other necessary functions from the Console (full account history, unlimited telephony, unlimited addresses, email and SMS features). You can also turn on/off the feature for client accounts where consumer have multiple accounts on file.

Supervisors are able to configure, change, and manage the agent(s) day

Vooma manages the agent workload by automated distribution of consumer accounts through segregation. The system includes the industry-leading Smart Campaign Manager which manages all aspects of account allocation into calling campaigns. The Supervisor is able to view the available workload at any point throughout the day and can change the campaigns an agent or team are working at any point. The Supervisor can also create a new campaign for outbound calling, Email or SMS messaging. Emails and SMS campaigns use predefined templates approved by business management. This ensures that agents are as available for outbound / inbound campaign allowing top agents to over-perform. The Supervisor can also manage bulk communications to send to consumers on predefined business campaign build requirements.

The Supervisor can limit the actions agents take when working accounts simplifying the process eliminating the potential for making mistakes.

Through various reports and visible management indicators, Supervisors can monitor agent performance accurately, easily and objectively at any point during the day. This allows the Supervisor to take immediate action on performance issues. In addition, there are several generic system reports available provide performance information of various campaign types. This allows Supervisors to measure and implement more effective campaign strategies in order to increase recoveries. Since Vooma includes a custom report generator, custom reports (for example, for data-mining) may be designed at any time.

Monthly targets may be set per agent, and a reporting is available at any point during the month to see agent performance against targets i.e. RPC, payments and future dated arrangements.


The Vooma Administrator allows the customer to define operational workflows, configure Agent console views and set up the critical touchpoint campaigns required to meet business requirements.

Vooma’s ground-breaking Smart Active Management (SAM) module give the Administrator the power to define rules and actions required in the business processes without any additional cost for customised development. SAM is highly configurable and can tackle most tasks including, managing legislative compliance rules, building call, sms, email and print campaigns, updating database information, generating reports and exporting data.

Campaigns can be customised to work in tandem with workflow processes which ensures that the customer has full control of all business strategies. SAM’s flexibility and configurability means that customers do not need expensive and time-consuming development to implement their own strategies.

Certain visual aspects, action and document templates available in the Agent Console are also controlled in the Administrator. This further streamlines the agent’s interaction with the console and ensures that only the information, actions and templates that the agent needs for a specific campaign are available.

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