Purses have passed a real revolution through history. Bag appeared the first time women began to play a more independent role in society. Let’s also mention some of the bags that went into history. One of the most popular bags that I dare say each woman wants in the collection is she Chanel 2.55. We also have the most famous handbag in the world so called. Birkin bag. A bag that everyone knows and everyone wants. Some wear it with sleek combinations and hand-tied scarfs, while the younger crowd even combines this bag with the sneakers.
To begin with, I’ll give you a couple of rules on how to carry your bags. Yes, it sounds funny but there are rules to combine the bags with the rest of the combination. The first rule is to match the bag with other fashion textural add-ons if you do not have a zebra pattern on your shoes that it must also be a bag. It’s important to just find the same texture of the bag and the rest of the accessories. If you still have shoes of leopard pattern choose one color from the shoe and let that be the bag. In case you wear black shoes, you can freely choose your bag in a bright color, and of course you can also go black if you go to that safe version.
Red shoes or some other in a strong color ?! Many when they see red shoes take a red bag right away, of course you can choose that combination but since it might be somewhat boring. Why not choose a completely different color from a shoe. That is allowed!


The size of the bag is chosen based on physical material. Lower and lower women will disappear completely behind big bags, and the same is true of high-visibility women, for example curly hair such as Beyonce, with a small handy bag that will not have any effect. So, choose the bag according to its height and texture.

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When choosing neutral shoes, choose a neutral bag, but not a bag that is a completely different “nude” color. Choose similar but not the same.

Women’s purses are for some women the same as shoes, a weakness that is simply impossible to withstand. In addition, the women’s bag becomes part of the woman’s self, and it also gives a certain impression – tastes, femininity, elegance, timeless charm … Unfortunately, the average Croatian will not be able to afford the bag from this list, but we can at least dream, right? If you had money for that, what would you like to have? Women’s handbags are one of the most popular and popular fashion accessories, reflecting one’s personality, style, and often social status. The cult piece in a women’s wardrobe, which is often the backbone of one’s personal style, has undergone numerous transformations, and today it carries almost everything – large, small, monochrome, colorful, oddly-shaped, leathery or, of course, of any other material. If it is to be believed by experts, creatives carry big bags, and those less egocentric women, while medium size is usually decided by ladies who are always ready for any situation and rarely can anything surprise them. But let’s make a variety of analyzes on the sidelines is the fact that the bag is often the subject of sighs and cravings of many women around the world. We went into search and found some of the most attractive models that are today proposed by great design names and popular high street brands.

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